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This album is being released to benefit the family of Shawn Burr, who recently passed away after battling brain cancer. 100% of the proceeds from sales of this record will go to Burr's wife and daughter.

Originally recorded on a cassette 8-track in 2004 but left sitting in a drawer until now, this album was meant to be a challenging, hypnotic experience that combined elements of repetitive industrial metal with drones and noise and triumphant guitar harmonies. After the mixing process proved to be unfruitful, the album was left to collect dust. Shawn's diagnosis was the thing that finally inspired its completion. With the kind help of engineer Jake Larson (and modern technology), the problems that kept the album from being wrapped up the first time around were overcome, and the only release from the band once (and now again) called CUD has now arrived.

Tony met Shawn in high school, where they bonded over music and formed their first band (Relapse) together. They met Kevin through his cousin Chris, and that whole gang was inseparable for several years, as gangs often are.

After losing touch for a spell, Shawn, Kevin, and Tony reconnected in the early aughts and fooled around in Kevin's basement, making noise and jamming with a drum machine. This album is the result of that process, and is the result of friendships that have deep histories.

Even though this album is free to stream, please donate if you can. The amount you can pay for a download of this record is up to you, and no sum is too small or too large. Consider this album a "thank you" in exchange for your generosity to the Burr family during this trying, heartbreaking time.

We love you, Shawn.


released April 20, 2016

Shawn Burr: guitar
Tony Bennett: vocals, guitar, music box, walkie-talkie, bass on "Bait and Switch"
Kevin Malec: bass

Recorded and mixed by Tony Bennett in 2004/2005
Mastered by Jake Larson in 2016

All songs by Bennett/CUD except "Bait and Switch" by Bennett



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CUD Duluth, Minnesota

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